The Meet & Greet

It’s Friday night, and it’s a little weird to being coming to a kinky event out in the open like this. This isn’t a dungeon, or a house – this is a place where they serve food and beverages and real people are going to be here! You wonder, at first, how you’ll know what’s happening – but then you see it, a cute little sign that has the word GRUE on it, and you breathe a sigh of relief.

Some people are already here, and you’re handed a little sticker – “Hello, my name is. You put in your FetName and look around for people you might recognize…but pretty soon that doesn’t matter, because these are your people. Not just kinksters, but kinksters crazy enough (or hungry enough) to take a chance on an Un-Conference.

You meet Gray, finally, and he’s smiling and enthusiastic and surprisingly hands-off for someone who’s name is on the event. Sure, he’s meeting and greeting – but he’s also sitting and talking and in general relaxing along with everyone else. In fact, aside from a brief “Thanks for coming – be sure to be on time tomorrow morning, or you’ll miss the donuts!” he doesn’t really say anything. That leaves plenty of room for some interesting discussions with the other attendees. You overhear some people at the next table talking about that new tie that you were hoping to learn, and so you start a conversation…and before you know it, the organizers are waving goodbye to everyone as they head out to set up the space or something.

You head back home at an hour that’s surprisingly early for a Friday night kink event. At the same time, you have already made plans with those people at the other table to do a session at the GRUE about that new tie…and come to think of it, there are some other sessions that you might do as well.

Here’s an example of a place you might find a GRUE Meet & Greet (if you’re at a Carolina GRUE, that is.

Gray makes a joke about getting enough sleep and you realize that yes, he does actually plan to start the event around 9:30 or 10 in the morning.

On Saturday. This guy is insane. The donuts had better be frikkin’ awesome.