RambleGRUE has expanded our staff to create more ways for you to get involved!

New positions have been added to our team to make sure we have a group with the passion and experiences to create an intentional and inclusive space for all to GRUE in.

RambleGRUE is a community-driven event. We have added several new departments and are really psyched about the work they can do to grow the RambleGRUE culture and address the many growing interests of alt sex intentional spaces. Our decisions on financial and operational structure have always centered our goal of affordability and accessibility. Help us accomplish this goal!

Please expect to answer questions about what you believe you can give and take from serving on the RambleGRUE staff. Please be ready to provide several community references and seek their consent to be contacted, we will be reaching out and it is terrible form to not ask your references ahead of time.

We expect that anyone who attends RambleGRUE will adhere to and respect the policies of the event but we expect our staff to help us improve those policies where needed and then model them to the larger community. Please see those policies here and reach out with any questions.

Our department leads will need to be able to communicate with the larger group collaboratively. We do the work of organizing RG on slack and we expect our department leads will be able to use that platform as an organizing tool. Department Leads will need to be available for Staff calls approximately once a month through October 2018. We would also like as many department leads as possible to participate in our Community Conversations throughout the Spring and Early Summer.

Applications will be open through March 14th with the hopes of bringing on our new department leads on board in early April.

RambleGRUE has historically been organized by people who bring some variety of experiences to the table, but consistently have the same blind spots with respect to race, accessibility, and creating certain kinds of safe space. To address this, we will be centering experiences and perspectives that we, as predominately white, cis, normative individuals do not experience. Our driving goal is to create a more balanced team that reflects the RambleGRUE community we are working to build, rather than tokenize or exploit the labor of marginalized individuals.

We need to make it possible for more perspectives to apply and if there are barriers we can’t foresee please reach out to organizers@ramble.grue.space. We would like to know what equitable support and fair compensation for this work looks like to the people who apply. Please reach out and talk to us.

Department Leads and Facilitators

Special Events

Special Events Lead will manage outreach to attendees who wish to host activities throughout the weekend. Duties include advertising to potential event hosts, accepting applications for events, scheduling events, coordinating supplies and equipment needed for events between event hosts and Operations team, and coordinating with Communication team to make sure attendees are aware of the events.


Communications Lead will help RG manage online communications. Drafting Fetlife posts, emails to attendees and managing social media posts are basically the jam. Experience with WordPress is a huge plus but managing all platforms (Twitter and Fetlife). This lead ideally has experience communicating online through other avenues and may be asked to submit writing samples. This position requires a moderate amount of work in the lead up to the event but very little onsite of RambleGRUE.


Safety Lead will work with the organizers and staff to oversee several safety aspects of the GRUE. They will be responsible for overseeing and scheduling safety volunteers and playspace attendants. They will also be working in the months prior to the GRUE to address the safety needs of attendees and staff. Safety Lead would be expected to attend monthly staff calls in the months leading up the GRUE.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

Inclusivity and Accessibility Lead will work with our staff, volunteers and attendees to build a community that is welcoming and accessible to everyone. This lead will actively work with PoC and other marginalized communities to ensure that GRUE is a safe and inclusive space. This lead will also work with staff and volunteers towards addressing the very real physical mobility hindrances presented by our beloved Ramblewood and work with attendees with mobility issues to address their needs. They will also help facilitate and organize online community conversations around these issues throughout the Spring and early Summer. The Lead is expected to be available throughout the GRUE.


Operations Lead recruits and trains an operations team that will provide infrastructure and logistical support throughout the event, with duties ranging across all of Camp. Lead needs to operate and listen to a walkie-talkie, answer questions, help with special event setup and breakdown, and facilitate the flow of information between attendees, volunteers, event organizers and the Ramblewood staff.

Front Desk

Front Desk Lead would schedule and oversee all Front Desk volunteers. They would be responsible for working the volunteer to organize and disseminate merchandise to attendees. This position needs an enthusiastic human interested in decorating and making our front desk a welcoming place for attendees to get the answers or assistance they need.
Front Desk lead needs to have attended RambeGRUE in the past, ideally with volunteer experience. Front Desk have a small workload in the months prior to RambleGRUE but has a heavy workload on site of the event.


Registration Lead would work with the staff to organize registration onsite as well in the lead up RambleGRUE. They will oversee recruitment and scheduling of Registration volunteers. provide friendly customer service at the gate as people check-in for the event. This position requires a moderate workload in the months prior to RambleGRUE and an intensive first few days at GRUE. Registration lead would be expected to attend monthly staff calls in the months leading up the GRUE.


Medical Lead will work with a team of volunteers to oversee all medical needs of RambleGRUE. They will work with the staff to implement policies and procedures to address medical concerns and emergencies. When applying for medical lead please list all experiences and licenses that may be relevant. Medical lead will have a heavy work load onsite at RambleGRUE.


The word “facilitate” means “to make things go more easily.” That’s exactly what this position entails: making it as easy as possible for people at the GRUE village to explore their passions together. This means keeping people aware of class and location changes, helping people find the right equipment or materials for their class, and empowering people to do the things they want to do in the GRUE space. They also operate as de-facto DMs during the classes, so it helps to have some fairly broad experience in kink spaces, or at least the ability to know when to ask for help.

The Facilitators work on a team, sharing the responsibilities of two days of GRUE village classes. This requires being outside and in the non-air-conditioned “Tin Can” with the ability to be mobile within a space of about one acre. Facilitators need to be cognizant of their self-care needs so that they can be a resource for the event during the day, and while there is occasionally an opportunity to attend a session, the main job is to make the sessions function and flow. Some communication via the internet before the event and via walkie-talkie at the event is also necessary, as well as attendance to pre- and post-GRUE facilitator debriefs. While it is not a requirement, it is strongly suggested that you attend one or more GRUEs and other Ramblewood events before applying to this position.