Winter and the GRUE is Coming!


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February 22-24, 2019!

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What’s a GRUE?

GRUE technically stands for “Graydancer’s Ropetastic Unconference Extravaganza”, but the important word in that is “Unconference”. Everything thing that happens is determined by the people attending. What are their passions? What do they want to learn and share?

This particular GRUE is exciting because for the first time it can be held at Madison’s own dedicated community space for kinksters, the Sanctuary (run by the Freyja Project

We use the Open Space principles to create a participant-driven and dynamic event. That means a lot more than rope. Gender issues, D/s dynamics, edge play, erotica, photography, polyamory, electrical play and more have all been part of past GRUEs. You can read more about the process here.

The event will consist of

  • a meet-and-greet Friday night (which also happens to be Graydancer’s 50th birthday, so expect a lot of candles on the cake)
  • GRUE sessions from 10am to 6pm Saturday (snacks and lunch provided)
  • an After-GRUE Saturday night from 8pm to 1am
  • and the famous GRUEcakes on Sunday 10am-1pm (served by a man in a kilt by the name of Graydancer).

You can RSVP on Fetlife and follow @gruespace on Twitter for more information!

The GRUE is an inclusive, supporting, and welcoming space for all adults age 18 and up.