We don’t like making mistakes, no one does.

We really like to learn from them. We have learned a lot from last year as we have navigated the last few months and we plan to learn a whole lot more as we work to build RambleGRUE 4.

We have spent months talking to other organizers both who organize at Camp and elsewhere as well as organizations with a vested interest in the safety, inclusivity and accessibility of Ramblewood. We are prepared for some necessary and important changes, and we want those to be a direct result of community needs and input. We are hoping to get that input in a variety of ways this year.

Throughout the Spring and Summer, we will host several online community discussions centering issues that affect the experience a person can have at Ramblewood and the GRUE specifically. We will be using Zoom, a webinar app that will allows a collaborative conversation. It is easy to download on an platform or stream on a computer. This app will allow you to be anonymous on the call to other participants but your account name will be visable to the moderator. Please keep this in mind when signing up.

Our first conversation will be about cabins at Ramblewood. How we prefer to live in them? How we self organize within them? What should we do to improve expectation on both? Our goal of this call is to moderate a conversation where attendees, volunteers and invested community members talk to our staff about cabins and how we can improve our processes around them and set some expectations within them. We believe that we have some ideas that may work to address issues that we have seen or have been reported by our attendees but we would like to hear from those affected first and talk about what our priorities are and next steps.

To that end we have created a survey asking those who have attend Ramblewood to talk to us about their cabin experiences both at RambleGRUE and at camp in general.

Using this anonymous form, we would like to find out how we can create the best possible cabin experience for all attendees. We recognize that solutions are not always one-size-fits-all, so we would like to identify all the ways attendees view cabins and comfort in housing at Ramblewood.

We will use the feedback from this survey and the information about experiences and risks to mitigate. We will use the information gathered to contribute to our Community Discussion as well as help our staff and organizers make informed decisions that forsee past our limited scope of experiences.

We are aware that the  process of filling out this survey may be emotionally difficult as you think back on past bad experiences at camp or other events, and as you envision things that could go wrong in the future. We appreciate that providing this feedback may require significant emotional work from you. You may skip any questions you don’t feel comfortable answering.

If you would like to discuss the survey or the results, please contact the RambleGRUE organizers at contact@ramble.grue.space and consider attending our Cabins conversation on March 7, 2018.

We also plan to build surveys and host more Community Conversations throughout the Spring and early Summer centering safety, inclusivity and other topics raised within our new Sounding Board.