The Following Rules apply to all GRUEs.

Some GRUEs may have variations on what legal activities are allowed in the space. Posted rules at the event take precedence over this document.

You Are Our Guest. 

Decisions regarding the rules are the responsibility of the event organizer, facilitator, and GRUE Crew (Graydancer, the LocalHost, designated volunteers). All decisions are final.

The Responsible Adult Photography Policy:

Cameras and other recording devices are permitted. Please use good judgment as outlined in the Responsible Adult Photography Policy and be sure ALL individuals appearing in the photo consent to having their picture taken PRIOR to taking photo. Immediately delete any photos containing protesting individuals in their presence. To be safe, try to move towards a wall and shoot towards it rather than have the entire space in the background of the photo.

If It’s Illegal Out There, It’s Illegal In Here.

Illegal substances or any illegal activities are strictly prohibited and will result in escort from the premises. Any person escorted from the event for ANY reason is not eligible for re-entry or refund.


An individual’s property, scene, and partner(s) are all to be respected. Intrusion, disruption, or touching without permission is not acceptable. All activities must be consensual and everyone is responsible for their own personal safety. If you have concerns about an activity as an observer, report it to a GRUE Crew member. They will halt the scene if deemed necessary.

Play Hard, Play Smart. 

House safewords are RED and SAFEWORD. We will interpret and enforce RED/SAFEWORD as meaning the scene is to stop immediately. Please do not use these terms jokingly while scening.

Be Responsible for Your Mess.

Blood, wax, and contained fire play (wands and cupping) are allowed. Please bring along appropriate “accessories” (sharps containers, tarps, gloves, etc) if you plan to do blood, wax, fire, or body fluid heavy scenes. While we provide some supplies, bringing your own will guarantee they will be available when needed. You are required to clean the equipment with provided cleaners immediately after use. If you can’t effectively contain the mess you’ll likely create, please avoid that activity. Scat, rainbow play, and golden showers are not permitted under any circumstances.

Naked and smart.

Full nudity is allowed inside the building and away from open doors. However, be aware of your surrounding and respect common space by putting a barrier between your body and surfaces others may use such as chairs, benches, and tables. When you are outside, please be fully covered.

Sexing the GRUE.

This is a sex-positive event for mutually consenting informed adults. Please be sure to use barriers as needed and put down appropriate padding if you anticipate excessive bodily fluids and thoroughly clean the equipment when finished.

Light ’em up. 

Smoking is permitted in designated areas. The GRUE has a clean air policy and asks that you offer a warning that smoking will occur in the scene and enact your scene away from the main play area in the designated smoking spaces.

Sharing is caring.

Avoid monopolizing the play equipment. Do not sit on or otherwise block equipment if not playing and please limit scenes to approximately 45 minutes if others are waiting. Use of equipment and facilities is at your own risk. Please check the equipment yourself for safety before you use it and report any difficulties to designated GRUE Crew.

Be Discreet. 

Do not do anything that may bring attention to the building or cause a visit from the police. Please try to keep screaming down under the blood-curdling level. What you witness or hear during play stays here. Do not discuss it outside the AfterGRUE, and never within hearing of others who may not have been at the gathering (this includes e-groups, message boards, chat rooms, etc) without explicit permission from those involved.