The GRUE? That’s a rope thing, right? I don’t like rope.

While “ropetastic” is in the name, the GRUE is not rope-centric. The sessions are “whatever YOU are passionate about learning/teaching/discussing/exploring.” Want to see what GRUEs topics have been? There’s a Master List, ranging over every single skillset in BDSM, in-depth conversations on power exchange, leather, handling consent incidents, gender, impact play, and even classes you’d never expect such as “Wasabi Lubesicles”, “Nasal Predicament Play”, and “Combat Cunnilingus.” RambleGRUE isn’t a themed convention; it’s what you make it. If you don’t like rope, we’re certain there’s something else you’re passionate about sharing with your fellow kinksters or exploring on your own, and we’re looking forward to giving you the space and atmosphere to make it happen.

Do I have to teach something if I come to RambleGRUE?

No, of course not! Come to teach, come to learn, come to sit and discuss power exchange all day by the pool, etc. The GRUE, like Camp, is many things to many people. As long as you’re respecting the grounds and your fellow attendees, if you’re having a good time, you’re doing RambleGRUE right.

Will RambleGRUE have an Incident Response Team on site for RambleGRUE 4?

Yes, we will have some means of handling safety concerns and issues on-site. This process is still under construction and will be developed in conjunction with our Safety Department Lead, our Inclusivity and Accessibility Lead, and input from the community. We don’t know what form this will take, but as we continue to learn and grow through listening to community needs, we will continue to seek out ways to help attendees feel safe, heard, and respected. Please consider being a part of these conversations throughout the Spring and early Summer. 

I know that RambleGRUE had some issues around inclusivity last year and I wonder if it will be a safe place for me?

That’s a question only you can answer for yourself. RambleGRUE’s organizers have a deep commitment to creating an inclusive space for everyone to GRUE in. That’s our mission. Last year we failed to create that space for some attendees and that calls into question our ability to create it at all. We understand that. We are still committed, and passionate about the work it will take to build that more accessible and welcoming space for as many as possible.

What last year’s GRUE taught us is that, no matter the dedication, a small set of  perspectives can’t possibly create a space that is designed for everyone. We have limited scopes of experiences and we have blind spots. This year our goal is to bring as many attendees and invested community members into the conversations about how we build RambleGRUE. We know that our event will only evolve with a diverse set of experiences and perspectives crafting the space.

We are expanding and doing an open call for staff positions, including additional positions that we think address the growing needs of our community. We are creating a community Sounding Board for attendees and invested community members to participate in conversations and provide feedback to staff.

We are looking forward to hosting several online community discussions throughout the Spring and early Summer centering issues that affect the Ramblewood community. The first of these conversations is about Cabins. Please find more information about that conversation here.

The beauty of a GRUE is in the ways that a group of people can come together to create an incredible event and experience- not the staff and facilitators, but the attendees. We want that co-creation of space to begin before we actually set foot in Ramblewood. Our hope is that these community discussions and Sounding Boards will provide a way for attendees to be more involved with the way we create and structure RambleGRUE 4, so that our staff are able to facilitate an event that is truly aimed at meeting the needs of the community, as identified by the community itself.

How can I volunteer?

We have some volunteer positions available. Volunteers will be able to attend the GRUE at a discounted rate. If you are interested in applying, please fill out the form when we announce applications are open.

How many people attend RambleGRUE?

Events in the past have ranged from 275-400 attendees. RambleGRUE 4 will be smaller than last year’s event. We will be selling less than 350 tickets tickets.

Does RambleGRUE have a ban list? What if I’m worried about someone who is signed up to attend the event?

We do indeed. Both RambleGRUE and GRUEs themselves have a list of individuals who are not welcome to attend our events. This list is not publicly available but if you are concerned about an individual attending our events, you may reach out to the organizers and we will disclose an individual’s access status for RambleGRUE and the duration of that status. If you would like to report an individual or situation that you think the RambleGRUE organizers should know about, please also reach out. The organizers can be reached at

How do I sign up for my cabin?

Cabin signups will start in late June, 2018. We are restructuring how we do cabins and cabin assignments based on feedback from previous events and ongoing discussions within the community. If you would like to have input into these discussions, please consider joining our Sounding Board or participating in our Cabin Conversation. Otherwise, please stay tuned for more information as we gather and discuss ideas from the community we seek to serve.

Beds are awful, I want to rough it. Can I set up a tent?

Absolutely! There’s an option when you’re buying your ticket to indicate that you intend to tent it. Just be aware that you’re not saving any money doing so; a bunk in the cabins doesn’t cost any extra.

Is there power at Camp?

All of the cabins have power, bathrooms with running water, and overhead fans.


Camp sometimes has a wireless network. Camp is a designed as a place to unplug and connect face-to-face, the facilities were not designed for hundreds of people to connect to the network. You will definitely not be able to telework from this location.

What should I bring?

Yourself, sunscreen, bug spray, electric fans, warm weather clothing, cold weather clothing, maybe a flashlight (or fleshlight), blankets, sheets and pillows, whatever toys you like, and an open mind. Also, we’d love if you were to bring a willingness to not yell at us for whatever we forgot to recommend bringing!

What size will my bed be?

All beds at Camp are twin-size. If you and a partner are in the same cabin, two beds can be pushed together to form a king-sized bed (please put the beds back where they started when you leave if you do this!)