Great! Glad to hear it. Here’s step 1:

  1. Go to a GRUE.

Seriously, that is the first thing. While there have been rare situations where someone who has never been to a GRUE decides to host one, we have found that knowing what you’re getting into before it happens is a good idea. We prefer that you attend at least one GRUE (or a similar event like a Ropenspace) before you ask to be our Sexy Boots on the Ground (aka, GRUE organizer).

What Does the Sexy Boots Do?

Not much, any more! Dozens of GRUEs have come and gone, and the process has turned into a finely-tuned machine. The main reason we have a local organizer is in case we need help in any of the following ways:

  • Help find a place for the Meet & Greet (usually something like a restaurant or cafe or local sex shop).
  • Help find a place for the GRUE and AfterGRUE (i.e., a space where we can play/have sex all day and into the night Saturday).
  • Help find equipment for the play space, and possibly wrangle volunteers.
  • Help find a place for GRUEcakes Sunday morning (usually a place that can accommodate water, electricity, and about half the attendees hanging out and eating pancakes happily).
  • Help Gray secure lodging and transportation from the airport.
  • Help get GRUEceries for the weekend.

If that sounds like a lot, remember the key word is “in case“. I’ve been doing this for a while, and sometimes the organizer doesn’t have to do any of those things. I can usually arrange my own transportation, lodging, and have a good line on locations.

My goal has always been that when I show up, the Organizer’s job is done, and you can just enjoy the GRUE. The main job of the Organizer is to put me in touch with the right people and places so that we can make the GRUE work. Once I’m on site, it’s my responsibility to make it work, and you’re free to GRUE your own thing.

What does the Sexy Boots Get Out of It?

What, you mean just “giving back to the community” isn’t enough? (snicker)

Damn right it’s not enough. I believe that work should be compensated, and so here’s what you get as a Sexy Boots:

  • One Free Admission to any GRUE*, for as long as we keep having them.
  • A vote in the recipient of the $100 We Think You’re GRUEvy Award
  • A vote in the recipient of the $100 GRUE Charitable Donation
  • $200 cash honorarium

Of course, you also get the cachet of being part of a rare group of people, the GRUE Sexy Boots, who have endured my jokes, ridden the threat of chaos through to triumphant passion (often more than once) and who know the satisfaction of seeing their community come together in a truly magical way.

Sounds Good! Where Do I Sign Up?

Well, the first thing to do is check the Calendar of Gray, and see what may already be booked in your area and when (as of this writing, I’m not scheduling any more events before Fall of 2017). Then let’s get in touch, I’ll send you the official GRUE Info-Pack with all the materials you need to get started.

I look forward to bringing the GRUE to you!