The GD-GRUE2 at Galleria Domain 2!

WhiskyTangoFoxy at the last GD-GRUE. Find out more about this fantastic venue by clicking here!

Naiia helping Graydancer with some Power GRUEcakes behind GD-2’s iconic (and non-alcoholic) bar!

March 16-18th, 2018

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When does the GRUE Start?

The event kicks off with a meet-and-greet Friday night at a location TBA. This is a pot-luck “whore d’oeuvre” event, and we encourage you to bring (or make) something yummy. Why? Because after the GRUE we will be polling the attendees to find out which one they loved the most – and whoever made that gets TWO free tickets to an upcoming GRUE.

I’m not a member of GD2. Can I still come?

The main GRUE sessions are all day Saturday (lunch provided), at Galleria Domain 2, a members-only club with amazing equipment and atmosphere. Not a member? Don’t worry. You can get a trial or other membership as part of your GRUE registration at a very reasonable price (as a member himself, Gray unreservedly recommends joining). Full details are in the Registration Link.

NOTE: If you purchase a membership level (Trial, Regular, or Platinum, starting at $15) it’s a real membership. That means you will have some online paperwork, waivers, confidentiality agreements, etc. to fill out. Trust me, it’s worth it. Not only will you have a great time at the GRUE, but you can use the amazing facilities at GD2 and you’ll be supporting sexual freedom of consenting adults.

We’ll have a special section of Galleria Domain set aside for our own After-GRUE Saturday night, and they’ll be opening their doors again on Sunday for the famous GRUEcakes on Sunday morning (served by a man in a kilt by the name of Graydancer).

What’s a GRUE?

GRUE technically stands for “Graydancer’s Ropetastic Unconference Extravaganza”, but the important word in that is “Unconference”. Everything thing that happens is determined by the people attending. What are their passions? What do they want to learn and share?

Originally the GRUEs were intended to be “ropetastic”, but from the very first one people have explored all sorts of kink, not just rope. Sex, polyamory, queer theory, privacy, edge play, and much more have been part of GRUE sessions, ranging from the ridiculous (“Frozen Wasabi Lube Dildos”) to the profoundly vulnerable (“Dealing with Consent Issues in the Scene”).

We use the Open Space principles to create a participant-driven and dynamic event. That also means that this is an event that you can come to solo! While we can’t guarantee you’ll find someone to play with, we do guarantee that you’ll find (or create) sessions that you can enjoy yourself. You can read more about the process here.

There will be no ticket sales at the door on the day of the event. 

Age 18 and up. No alcohol allowed.