Are you interested in having a cabin group for RambleGRUE4?

This year all cabin groups will need to fill out this form and our cabin team will work with you to find the right space for your group. A cabin group is more than 6 people that would like to stay together at the GRUE. Your group does not have to fill a cabin to apply as a cabin group; different groups will be placed together to accommodate different spaces.

As cabin group leader, it will be your responsibility to reach out to the members of your cabin group, facilitate discussions prior to GRUE about necessary accommodations for anyone in your group, and reach out to other group leaders with whom you will be sharing space to ensure that everyone is on the same page about the shared space. At the GRUE, it’s important that you reach out to those individuals in the cabin that are not specifically part of your group, making sure that they feel welcome and comfortable sharing cabin space.

Please give us as much information about your group as possible- such as accessibility needs, information about sobriety or intentional safe space, etc.- and our team will be in touch within a few days to start chatting about where your group may be placed. The more information you provide about your group, the better equipped we are to understand the intentions and goals of your cabin group and place you accordingly.

We will do our best to accommodate reasonable requests for specific needs and spaces but we cannot guarantee any group a specific space. Assignments for full cabins will be sent out on a rolling basis but some groups may not be assigned a space until early September. Please be patient with us as we seek to make the best arrangements to suit a variety of needs, desires, and accommodations.